Thursday, April 05, 2007

Aardman Expand

Aardman are about to shell out 10 million quid for, basically, a really big extension. They'll keep using the Banana Warehouse to make the films, moving admin and clerical business into the Gasferry development next door.

Apparently, it will feature a mini-cinema (what? Aardman don't already have a decent screening room? Jeez) and could get as much as 25% of it's energy from wind turbines on the roof.

David Sproxton said "
All this news comes through in a rush like waiting for a London red bus. We've been working on the feature deal for about a year, and the planning for the building has gone on for even longer."

A London red bus? Is he trying to imply all Bristol buses come spaced out and on time? I know that's not true.

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