Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Another Bat Round-Up

The Joker picture was a fake (see one source part of the image at the bottom of this post) and the creator has explained his means; somebody called Miranda Fox apparently previously touched or saw the Dark Knight script sides I was sent, so there's been a cry for me to credit her - for what, exactly, I don't know, because she certainly wasn't my source and she hasn't been in touch to fill me in, but, okay - well done Miranda, for whatever you did that isn't clear exactly, but please leave a comment below that tells the world just what it was; William Fichtner confirmed to Batman on Film that his role was in the opening scene - which means the film opens with the bank job, and removes any hope for a 'Bat Day Afternoon' format.

SPOILER: Fichtner must only get a couple of lines before he goes down with a bullet in him. Nifty casting, really - he doesn't look like a red shirt.


B for Blueberry said...

You can find lots of new pics from the Chicago shooting here:
There are come of Ledger with a touch of green in the hair or wearing a clown mask before getting into the Bank.
I don't think that Chuckles from the sides is the Joker; from what I remember that one was of the parts they were casting. I think the boss, the one who's rumored not to have a heart in the conversation between the two thugs is our dear villain.

Brendon said...

I think they were likely casting the OTHER role and that Chuckles is The Joker undercover.

I may be wrong, but I was looking for drama in the sides... and that adds some.

And, besides, these guys go into the bank, and The Joker is in the bank scene later...

And his mask-removal is supposed to be a surprise reveal...

I'm banking on Chuckles being The Joker. For now, anyway.

Anonymous said...

At the end of Batman Begins, Comissioner Gordon mentions the Joker and I believe it was a bank robbery with a double homicide. Maybe this is it.

Brendon said...

Hey presto, anonymous, I think you've nailed it.

That will be it. I'm utterly convinced.