Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Another Quick Look At The Dark Knight Script

Miranda Fox, apparently, set a chain of actions in motion that lead to me receiving these pages from The Dark Knight. Let's all thank her, because I think we're all enjoying this.

Today, we'll be looking at a count of extreme polic brutality.

The Gotham City cops have a thug handcuffed to a chair in a basement. Seems that this Thug is one of The Joker's crew, possibly apprehended after or during the bank job. They cop pulls out every intimidating technique they can think of:

The Mob used to dump bodies here. They wouldn't be found for months. Maybe years. So tell me, where can I find your boss?

This just makes the Thug laugh - "an inside joke" - which might mean this is the very room in which The Joker had previously been left for dead. Or maybe not, because they go on...

There's no need to find him because... he's gonna find you.

The Cop rips off the Thug's blindfold.

You want to play games!

The Cop pulls his gun and fires a shot over the Thug's head. He then shoves a gun up against the Thug's head with real malice.

THUG (rattled)
You wouldn't...

But would he? Well, what do you reckon? Of course he would.

I have. Starting with the knee caps.

The Cop shoots the Thug in the knee.

There's no direction for the Thug to scream or wail or anything - just to sob. That's one tough Thug.

THUG (sobbing)
I don't know anything.

You giggle, you poke fun...

I'm sorry - I'm sorry...

Okay, maybe he's not so tough...

The Cop shoots the other knee cap. The Thug SCREAMS.

Took both kneecaps, though.

So, the cops are looking for The Joker, they have one of his boys, and his boy isn't telling. The moral background to this scene - the cop doing what he has to do, as he sees it - will be more interesting in light of the page we'll be looking at next...

Watch this space.


Drew Morton said...

Heard those script pages were fake along with that makeup test shot. Also, Nolan and co. don't really know how to write a bad script.

Nice try though!

Brendon said...

Of course there are rumours that the script pages are fake. There always is. However...

...they were first read by people in the chain (the route that ended up with them appearing here) some weeks ago...

and then, last week, they started shooting things that were on the pages.

That pretty much ensures they aren't entirely fake. Such lucky guesses aren't really probable at all.