Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Beaten By Beatty

Jeffrey Wells - who, amazingly, is neither embarrassed by nor being ironic with his little photo at the head of his Hollywood Elsewhere page - has reported that Warren Beatty is close to signing up as Nixon in Frost/Nixon. Disappointingly, this pretty much cements the film going ahead with Ron Howard as the director. Just a few days back, when we ran the Frost/Nixon script review and Angels and Demons was given a start date, I began fantasising about another director taking over from Howard. Now, and also according to Wells, it looks like Howard will be shooting Frost/Nixon this August then Angels/Demons in February of next year, the two of them then released in late 2008 like one of those Spileberg double-hitters.

Michael Sheen is reportedly being held over as David Frost from the theatrical version. That's good.

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