Saturday, April 07, 2007

Colour Blind Avatar Fake

Logan sent me the attached Avatar teaser poster. It's a fake. For sure. How do I know? Click on it to make it bigger. Look down in the bottom right hand corner. See the 3D logo? Those are anaglyph glasses. The blue and red kind.

That's Flintstones technology in comparison to the process Cameron is employing. This poster was not only faked, it was faked by somebody who hasn't realised yet that Real-D has taken the old anaglyphic version of stereo cinema and poked both of it's eyes out.

Forget the red-blue specs. Forever. They're dead - and I say good riddance.


Logan said...

thx for your explanations
I noticed something else
There is a "rated" in the low right corner of the poster
How could a movie, whose not even start his shoot could had a rated.

Thx again man !

Allan Jensen said...

Well, duh...
Here's where it's from:

The creator says it's fake. He even posted a link to it on IMDb telling it is fake.

Here is the real one:

droidguy1119 said...

Obviously I posted this on the wrong article before -- I just woke up -- but everything on the bottom of this poster is totally "off". Also if you compare this poster to the other poster in the more candid pic of it hanging on Cameron's office wall, you can easily tell the two are entirely different posters.