Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Direct Download Link For As You Like It Trailer

The trailer for Ken Brannagh's As You Like It is now online - and the cast is delicious: Bryce Dallas Howard, Janet McTeer, Alfred Molina, Adrian Lester, Kevin Kline.

HBO and the BBC funded this one, a more immediately commercial prospect than Ken's in-waiting
Magic Flute.

Dead Again the other evening, I was impressed, as I always am, how much Branagh enjoys film and filmmaking. He's a pastiche artist - witness the overhead shot in the As You Like It trailer for the most recent evidence - but he's not a bad director in his own right. A lavish Hamlet DVD, with a rich, liquidy transfer, would be a thing of beauty.

[EDIT: Typo fixed]

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Anonymous said...

It is actually Spelled Branagh, one N. And it is one of the best brithish directors!