Friday, April 13, 2007

Direct Download Link For New Transformers TV Spot

There's obviously a mole at the Ant Farm trailer cutting house. They not long ago leaked an unfinished Spider-Man 3 trailer - then denied any involvement - and now a work-in-progress Transformers spot has leapt the wall. Excitingly, for the fans at least, this spot features Optimus Prime in some heavy smack-wallop action with something called bonecrusher, and, for the first time in the marketing materials seen so far, speaking. There's a still from the shot of him speaking below - isn't that ironic?

Okay, maybe not quite.

The various versions of it on YouTube and IESB and so on are bound to disappear quickly, but we can offer you a direct download link.

I can see boiling water being poured on the Ant Farm before long.

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