Saturday, April 07, 2007

Direct Download Links For Sarah Polley's Away From Her Trailer

In the trailer at least, Away From Her has some pleasantly inky cinematography, deep, sticky shadows that eat up the screen. I'd love to see it projected properly and feel this encroaching blackness - which, according to the law of averages means I'd have to visit at least thirty randomly selected cinemas to have more than a 50% chance of getting my wish.

Polley's great in front of the camera... but unless this trailer lies, she's not so hot behind it. The film they're selling here looks dry, over earnest and stiff, with a tendancy towards phantom-pregnant pauses.

Help yourself to the trailer in hi-res, 1080p, 720p or 480p and judge for yourself.


EzekielRawlins said...

I actually liked the trailer...

Brendon said...

And that's why I love the comments section here. I wish more people added to the discussion.