Sunday, April 01, 2007

Disney Classics To Be Given The Extra Dimension

Disney are working on 3D rereleases of some of their classics - and some of their 'lost classics' too.

Treasure Planet is first up. A very undervalued film, and if you've seen it, you'll know that in 3D, it will look amazing. The 'crescent moon' shot is going to knock people's teeth out, and some of the solar-surfer business already has me shuddering in anticipation.

Then, when we've recovered from that, Beauty and the Beast will follow, and then, the ordering gets fuzzy. Films on the slate do include Mary Poppins, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, The Black Cauldron, Basil the Great Mouse Detective, The Rescuers Down Under and, probably last of this lot, The Jungle Book.

Why no Snow White? Why no Pinocchio? Why no Fox and the Hound?

Details are pretty thin on the ground right now, but I have to say, this strikes me as something of a dream come true. Too good to believe, even.

Treasure Planet , already knee-deep in 3D-ification, is expected to hit cinemas on, funnily enough, this very day next year.

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