Monday, April 23, 2007

Dreck To DVD

Yep, that was a pun on 'direct to DVD'. Yep, I did need to explain it.

Last week, MGM revealed their plans for a whole line of Direct-to-DVD films. Courtesy of Home Media Magazine. the full details have now made their way to me.

John Herzfeld, director of 2 Days in the Valley has written a remake of Dark Blue (though I think they've reported that incorrectly, and it will be a sequel, not a remake - and I expect Herzfeld will direct also) ; there's a do-over of Robert Wise's Audrey Rose; Dead Like Me is being resurrected as a Stephen Herek movie, as has been mentioned elsewhere; three original thrillers called Captive, Angelmaker and Pet are on the cards; a third Cutting Edge is coming; there's also a Legally Blonde threequel - Legally Blondes, starring 13 year old twins Camilla and Rebecca Rosso as cousins to Elle Woods.

Yep. Legally Blondes. Conjure with that for a while.

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Anonymous said...

Doesn't the title "Legally Blondes" violate some American law usually ignore in the stix?