Thursday, April 26, 2007

Drive Scripts, Loaded With Spoilers

Tim Minear is currently giving away, for free, the scripts to the first four episodes of Drive. Quite amazingly, these scripts contain scenes not yet seen on TV - due to some very big changes made in editing that lead to extremely drastic rejigging. As a result, there are major spoilers within.

For me, here in the UK, every single line is spoiler material. I'm still eagerly anticipating the series, just the good Firefly fan I am.

[EDIT: Drive is no more. Here's Warren Ellis on the show's sudden, untimely cancellation:

DRIVE got cancelled, it seems. I'm told they were in post-production on ep 6 when the hammer came down. Poor bloody Tim. He didn't even get his 13 eps for a DVD this time. I've only seen the first ep, and I read the pilot script a while back. I thought it was a solid start. Goddamn shame.

I dare say ITV4 will air the handful of completed episodes in some graveyard slot or another


RaulZ said...

You do know that FOX have canned the show already?

Two episodes apparently left to air - sometime

So soak up those scripts cause thats all you're going to get :-(

s-Bob said...

Too bad the show just got cancelled, after only four aired episodes. The last two remaining episodes will either get aired in May or be put online.

The show wasn't all that great (had it not been for Nathan Fillion and Dylan Baker, I'd have quit after the pilot episode), but it showed promise.

So thats 12 or so aired episodes of Firefly, six(?) aired episodes of The Inside and now four aired episodes of Wonderfalls and Drive. Tim's track record on Fox isn't looking too god.

Rich said...

Warren Ellis says it's been cancelled half way through post production of episode six. Sorry.