Thursday, April 05, 2007

Even More On The Hot Fuzz DVD

Want to know what the Easter Egg on the Hot Fuzz DVD is? Me too. I know that it's called Fence Jump - but there's also a deleted scene with that name, and a non-deleted scene with that nature. The Egg version is 23 seconds long - I expect it might be Simon coming a cropper trying to vault a fence. Confirmation if and when I get it.

I told you previously that Dead Right, Edgar's homespun cop film from before he wuz famous, was included. I can now confirm that a 10 minute making of Dead Right is also included, called Am Blam.

More featurettes: Sgt. Fisher's Perfect Sunday; Cranks, Cranes and Controlled Chaos; Friends, Family, Etc. - they're all pretty short, from just over a minute to around five.

Remember the comic-strip-come-animatic Plot Holes on the Shaun of the Dead disc? Those included here are How the NWA Killed Tim Messenger; How Danny Knew to Stab Angel and How Everyone Survived the Explosion. Expect them to be a shade less serious, and viable, than their Shaun counterparts.

We must be getting to the end of the line here. How much more can there be to reveal? We've now mapped out just about every last inch of the DVD's capacity.

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