Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Future Raimi Film From Freddy Vs Jason Penmen

Damian Shannon and Mark Swift, two of the many writers to have taken a crack at Freddy vs Jason - one of my more indulgent semi-guilty pleasures - have sold a new project to Columbia for big dollars. The new film hasn't been named, but it has been described: a tentpole hopeful about a cynical New Yorker battling fairy tale creatures to save a princess. Not that much to go on, so far.

The 'big news' is that Sam Raimi will be producing and, of course, the internet's gestalt geekmind is already fantasising that he'll direct. Maybe this would be a safer choice, in many ways, than The Hobbit, though probably less tempting too. Reports are also swirling around that Raimi is planning a return to horror, so who knows what he'll actually sign on for? Probably not even Raimi, at this point.

I'm prepared to bet Spider-Man 4 isn't his next film, however. Or even the film after that.

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