Friday, April 27, 2007

Grind House Definitely Split In The UK

The Weinsteins have railroaded Momentum into splitting Grind House in the UK. Death Proof will be released on September 21st while there's no date for Planet Terror set in stone yet - though rumblings suggest late October, in time for Halloween, is the loose plan.

Momentum had recently failed to comment but, not so long ago, seemed quite confident the planned double-bill release could be preserved.

This is yet another decision by the Weinsteins that may make some kind of financial sense but neglects to take film seriously as a medium for artistic expression.

The iron is hot - could another production company tempt Tarantino or Rodriguez to defect?


Anonymous said...

Do you think QT's next film will be Inglorious Bastards or Come Drink With Me? I'm leaning towards IG, regardless of today's sliver of news. I've seen interviews where's he adament that it will be his next film, more than the usual QT "wouldn't it be cool if I made..." babble. Would love to hear your take, and any included quote-research would be great.

Anonymous said...

That's unfortunate. Not only are they splitting it up, but they're releasing them backwards. Planet Terror is much more enjoyable when you get to watch Death Proof immediately afterwards.

Will said...

FFS! Any chance that any of london cinemas will get to show the double bill?