Thursday, April 05, 2007

Jesus Is Bad News For Fizzy Drink Folk, Again

After a black Jesus did for Madonna, Mary Lambert and Pepsi's advertising campaign in the mid-80s, the messiah has taken it easy on the tooth-rotting sweetness-suppliers for a couple of decades. Now though, he's caused a whole heap of distribution trouble for a new Itallian film.

According to Variety, Seven Kilometres from Jerusalem features a scene where a Milanese advertising exec "gives Jesus a ride on his Jeep, hands him a Coke, and, while Jesus is quenching his thirst, says: "My God, what a testimonial!""

Obviously the film takes place in the present day - Jesus is clearly alive now, while there were no advertising executives knocking around the middle east two thousand years ago.

Coca Cola sent a stern letter to the film's producers. In a statement they said "We are not interested in this kind of product placement", creating a ratio of about 999,999:1.

The film was due to be released tomorrow, funnily enough, but has now been pulled to prevent litigation from Coke. The film was well received by the Vatican, however. Maybe this could all be solved by getting the Pope and Coke-Spokesman Santa to duke it out in the ring?

Of course not. I shouldn't even had said such a thing. Chastise me in the comments section below. Use the Coca Cola label to read all about their last litigious misadventure in moving picture land.

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