Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Just Like Snakes On A Plane All Over Again

If you want to submit music by your unsigned band, or your unsigned self, to be asessed by Geffen Execs for possible inclusion in the Bratz movie, now is your chance. Click on the image below and be transported to the promotion's official site. You might be discovered and catapulted to the very same stratospheric heights as Captain Ahab and Louden Swain, winners of the similar promo staged to hype Snakes on a Plane. In case you didn't know, Captain Ahab are now the biggest selling band in the West and Louden Swain are now charging three hundred dollars per ticket to their gigs - that's how useful this kind of exposure can be.

Bratz is being directed by Sean McNamara. Only the other day I was slating him as the least competent director working in professional film today. I'm sure, however, he's a very, very nice guy. I know that sounds sarcastic, but it isn't.

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