Friday, April 27, 2007

Life Is Cheap In Red Dawn

There's a 2-Disc special edition of Red Dawn coming, and one of the special features is suitably tacky. Viewers will be able to turn on a subtitle track called 'The Carnage Counter' that tots up any deaths, maimings, injuries, explosions, acts of politically dubious indulgence and daft stunts. (DavisDVD ran the news, but don't have individual page links, so I can't send you over).

Not only is Red Dawn cheap and shoddy action filmmaking, it is utterly transparent and tedious propoganda - everything 300 was accused of being but only partly was. I'll take Triumph of the Will any day of the week.

Sam Raimi may have made two small contributions to Bush during the '04 elections, which will anger many (his other donations, at other times, to Democrat causes will anger others) but at least he knows how to make a truly cracking action film, eh?

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