Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A Little Bit Of Oleg Between Ads

Next week, Fox launch their latest animated series in the US. It stars a half-Greek, half-Lithuanian Taxi Driver named Oleg. The catch however, is a good one: the show's episodes are only eight seconds long. And they'll screen between commercials.

Frankly, a lot of American TV is only really filler between commercials, but this is the first time a network wants it to look this way.

And why has this show come about? Because now, Nielsen ratings are going to monitor the amount of viewers actually watching the ads.

If you ask me, this is likely to backfire. I predict these Oleg stings to be very popular viral videos almost as soon as they air. Continue channel hopping, ladies and gents - you saw all of tonight's Olegs in the office today.

And what's the likelihood they just become annoying?

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