Monday, April 23, 2007

Merry Gentleman Michael Keaton To Pop Up In Nolan's Dark Knight?

I've had a handful of e-mails alerting me to the fact that Michael Keaton - as of yet, the best screen Batman, with Adam West in second - had been spotted on the set of The Dark Knight. Could this be true?

Well, it could be. But there is a much more likely explanation. Michael is currently in Chicago, sure, but he's there to direct The Merry Gentleman. There's every chance he was as curious as the rest of us and wandered over to snoop on the Bat-shoot, but it is every bit as likely he was spotted on the set of his own film and confusion ensued.

There's a chance, I suppose, that Nolan will sneak in a Keaton cameo... maybe. Perhaps just in a crowd scene? I'm not expecting it myself, however.


johnny_free said...

Bruce Wayne is a playboy. Michael Keaton? The best on-screen batman?

Are you kidding?

Brendon said...

Peter Stringfellow is a playboy but he looks like the inside of a two hundred year old carpet bag. Most playboys do - most playboys' girls are distracted by the giant pile of gold.

Keaton was wonderful in the role. The small, guilty rich man.