Friday, April 13, 2007

Mosquito Tone Confusion

A new KFC commerical is now on YouTube. The idea is, this commercial features a noise that only young people can hear, called a Mosquio Tone. I'm sorry: I don't buy it.

I think this was, simply, a way to get the commercial discussed on blogs and to get those three unholy, chicken-murdering letters splashed up left, right and centre. Well, if so... I slightly fell foul of their plans, I suppose. The least I can do is counterbalance that by portraying KFC in a negative light.

If the tone did work, what would have been the point? What would be acheived by young people hearing a squeak while a bucket of chicken flesh is shown on screen? Trust me, high pitched tones don't exactly get my saliva glands going. Maybe it's only phase one in a complex Pavlovian conditioning conspiracy.

Some people are speculating that the sound was rendered audible in the transference to YouTube. While that's potentially an explanation, the sound is so loud and clear that, frankly, the amount of pitchshifting required would have resulted in the cast sounding like Goofy yodelling up a drainpipe.

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