Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New Fantastic Four 2 Stills - First Look At Galactus?

Still trying to track down the 'secret origin' of these Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer stills - including our 'first look' at Galctus as a pinkish cloud - but thanks to WireMush for sending them over. Where d'you get them, WireMush? And aren't they awful?

[EDIT: The pics - well, apart from the cloud - originated on the film's MySpace page]

[EDIT: There were two pics of Dr. Doom here but Fox got
heavy and they had to be pulled. Hopefully you had a chance to see/save them before they were yanked. If anybody knows where they are now, please leave a comment. For the curious, they were rather Vader-ish]

[EDIT: And now, sadly, they've all had to go. I think that film ick subscribers would have seen them in time, either on their RSS or via the daily e-mail. My apologies to the rest of you - they simply had to go before I got some people in serious trouble. But, of course, there's plenty more scoopy goodness where that came from...]


Anonymous said...

Did they hire a guy that takes pictures for highschool yearbooks for cinematography?

Anonymous said...

Some Russian site has them now -- I hope that Russian site gets in trouble if you did.

Anonymous said...

Google cache still has it.