Monday, April 23, 2007

New Poster For Killer Of Sheep

A restored Killer of Sheep is currently on release - see if it is near you, and if it is, then you simply have to go. My time living in Long Beach and travelling through, and sometimes into, Watts was certainly coloured by my love of this film - and, indeed, vice versa. The rerelease poster, which was forwarded to me by Josh, can be found below. I was very pleased to receive it. Give it a click for the correct scale.

Many hold that Sheep is Charles Burnett's best film, and they may be right, but I'm also partial to The Glass Shield and To Sleep With Anger.

This poster makes me a little nostalgiac, and a lot more frustrated. When I was younger, such classics were pretty much guaranteed an airing through the BBC's Moviedrome slot, or at a good pseudo-independent rep cinema (City Screen, I'm looking at you). These days? Looks like the BBC have wimped out on older, smaller movies and those cinemas are seemingly caught in an ever decreasing Godard-Kurosawa-Rohmer-Kiarostami cycle, not to knock Kurosawa.

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