Monday, April 23, 2007

The Next Bond Girl Is Dorothy Mills

Carice van Houten has signed on to play the lead role in Dorothy Mills. She's a doctor, and she suspects foul play in a strictly religious community that seems to mean people who live there are being denied necessary medical attention. Cracking starting point for a film.

According to whispers on the grapevine - a different vine in the the same vineyard that put Colin Salmon up-front for Bond a few years back - Carice van Houten is the current frontrunner for the lead female role in Risico. There's certainly been some back-office talk, but how advanced negotiations are, I have no idea.

You probably know van Houten from Black Book, but if you don't, here's a picture.


Mark said...

Is the next Bond movie really Risico? 'Cus that was a really very slender short story, with hardly enough meat on it to make a movie's worth of plot(not that that's stopped them before, I s'pose).

Brendon said...

They're possibly going to call it Risico, and certainly incorporate elements of the plot. How much it sticks to the story overall, and where the rest of it will come from, is anybody's guess.

Andy said...

No, they aren't. They put out a PR statement that it wasn't going to be called Risico some weeks ago, a few days after that story broke. You can google that, if you like.

Brendon said...

Hence 'possibly'. I saw the release at the time, but some Bond sites insist. I gave them the benefit of the doubt, perhaps naively.

Risico was, in the main body of the text, just a kind of short hand anyway.

My money would be on a new title, and a mildly cheesey sounding one with the word Gold in it somewhere.