Saturday, April 28, 2007

No Objection

As detailed by InsertCredit, the Japanese advertising campaign for the latest Gyakuten Saiban game - Phoenix Wright to you and me - is really pretty nifty. They have made a ten minute courtroom drama for TV, ending on a cliff hanger. All of the clues will be given in the show, however, and viewers who think they've unravelled the case can log onto the game's official website and see how correct they were. I'm jealous - I love this kind of thing.

Not quite changing the subject, I saw Fracture and was actually really quite pleased. The script is really not half bad at all, and the cast are fun, fun, fun. The central twist that holds the plot together was quite predictable - what isn't after a lifetime wasted on David Mamet, Jonathan Creek and The Twilight Zone? - but one shot quite near the end of the film, of a cell phone being tossed onto a desk, alongside another cell phone (if you saw the film, you'll know what I mean) made me burst into a short but spontaneous round of applause. That two second shot was a tremendously elegant and lucid piece of storytelling and easily the best thing in the film. Superb.

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