Saturday, April 14, 2007

Paul McGuigan Directing New Spider-Man

That's right - it's a confirmed fact. Paul McGuigan, the director of Wicker Park, Lucky Number Slevin, Gangster No 1, The Acid House and another handful of similar turkeys, is the latest director to tackle Spider-Man. Personally, I think Wes Anderson would have been an amusing choice for this job...

What's more, you can see McGuigan's take on Spider-Man now. There's a video up on MySpace.

Let me explain: McGuigan has directed the video to Snow Patrol's Signal Fire, as featured on the Spider-Man 3 soundtrack. The clip shows a school play with kids recreating scenes from the Spidey films. Rushmore fans will now understand my Anderson comment.


Piper said...

It's bad news for the franchise, but I'll be glad to see Raimi go on to direct some other stuff. He's too interesting a filmmaker to be bogged down to type of film for too long.

Anonymous said...

You didn't read the article.