Monday, April 23, 2007

Peter Parker Kisses Cleopatra Goodbye

Spider-Man 3 appears to have become the most expensive film ever made. Radar have done the maths, and placed Cleopatra in second place with 290 million, after inflations. Spidey has rung up a total of 350 million this time out, they claim.

Can any film be worth that amount of money? Ever? Surely the same levels of relevance, importance, entertainment, clarity, imagination and integrity be reached on a much lower budget?

I think we know the answer is yes. But that doesn't mean I don't want to see Spider-Man 3 right now.


Anonymous said...

What about War and Peace (Russia)? Wasn't that 500,000,000 to make in adjusted dollars?

Brendon said...

I think that claim was once discredited because the translation into dollars, before inflation adjustment, was a dodgy one.

Though I'm no expert.

Radar seemed to have some data. I hope they extended their source beyond US films.

johnny_free said...

actually, according to the article, the PRODUCTION costs for S3 are up to $350 mil. If you include advertising and promotion, it's up to the half-billion mark.

Brendon said...

I wasn't including promotion.