Thursday, April 05, 2007

Red Ken's Coconutty Laugh In

Monday April 23rd is St. George's day [EDIT: That used to say St. Patrick's day. Wonder what that slip-up reveals about me, doctor?] and seeing as all of the Dragons are now dead and the 15 imprisoned soldiers have been sent home from Iran, what will we English do to celebrate?

Why, we'll leave our sleepy townships and villages and go to Trafalgar Square for a marathon session of British screen comedy, culminating in the funniest non-Zombie film ever made and a (hopefully) record breaking 'coconut orchestra'.

Gor Blimey, it'll be a jolly ol' knees up and no mistake, Mrs. Miggins.

From the Mayor of London's website:

Classic television comedy clips representing the best of English humour. Selected by the BFI.

Futtock's End, written by and starring Ronnie Barker.

2pm - 5pm
Historic silent films from BFI National Archive revealing London across the 20th century.

5pm - 6.30pm
Selection of comedy clips (see 12.30pm) and BFI archive programme.

6.45pm -7.15pm - register by 6.30pm
Coconut Orchestra world record attempt: Monty Python's Spamalot, the London stage production inspired by Monty Python and the Holy Grail, will lead on an attempt to break the world record for number of people playing in a coconut orchestra, currently held by New York with 1785 people. Registration from 5pm onwards. Coconut Orchestra rehearsal at 6.30pm. World record attempt at 7pm. Be there to guarantee your place in history. Coconuts will be provided!

7.30pm – 9pm
Screening of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Jolly japes. Now... where's me washboard?


Will said...

St whos day? Hmmmmmmm???

Sledge said...

You mean St George's Day right ?!

Brendon said...

Of course I do.

I'm such a bad Englishter.