Friday, April 27, 2007

Replicant Reshoot Clarification

Now, according to the original source of the Blade Runner reshoot details - and factoring in the contributions of a fresh voice who piped up in the meantime - there's a little bit more I can tell you about the new filming.

Apparently, all of the shooting was studio based, much of it using green screen (or similar). It seems that the new footage isn't so much replacement shots as replacement shot elements.

Who is to do the blending? Well, let's just put it like this... they're the ones who will be making these images work. And there's probably a reason that looks like an anagram, batfans.

A third source (brilliant bloke, rarely wants to go on record - has told me so much in the past that I couldn't even begin to tell you without losing his trust and respect) has promised more info at a later date - but I thought I'd better fill you in a tad in the meantime.

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