Monday, April 02, 2007

Robinsons Stats

According to Buena Vista's distribution main man Chuck Viane, Meet the Robinsons did 28% of its business on just 13% of its screens. Obviously, those were the 13% showing it in Real-D.

The $7.1 million three-day total for the 3D screenings is a new record - of course, 3D films are young again, there's going to be records broken left, right, centre and (whoooooooooo!) out over the audience's heads.

Several cinema chains have issued statements of congratulation, also cementing their support of the Real-D process. Of course they did: they're about to start charging a premium for 3D movies.

One day, making a film in 2D will be as conceited as making it silent, or in black and white. We're on the cusp of a new era, and I'm loving it.

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