Monday, April 09, 2007

Roy Disney And Cohorts Working For Song Of The South

Roy Disney has been discussing Song of the South at the Philadeplphia Film Festival and, thankfully, he's of the mind that it should be released.

FilmBuffOnLine quote him as saying "I've got a bunch of cohorts working with me to convince the powers that be that it's the smart thing to do" and that the films is "a wonderful film that deserves to be back out in the public. All it needs is context. Some of that animation is stunning, even by today's standards."

It's not only the animation - there's a lot to love about Song. Some of Remus' stories are corkers.

After all this talk, it will be a massive anticlimax to not see the film on DVD in the next couple of years. I think we can virtually expect it, actually. There'll be fuss, counter-fuss and counter-counter fuss, but the film will be out there, and that's the most important thing.


Chicago Socialista said...

I think it should be released to theaters, so people can see how offensive it really is.

We got it on VHS from Europe off eBay years ago and had it converted to NTSC so we could watch it. We just sat in silence the whole time and when it was over, all we could say was WOW.

Janice said...

The film Song of the South is NOT rasist in any way. I have loved this film since I was a little girl and would like to be able to purchase it on DVD. I can not see how anyone could consider it rasist, and it is NOT offensive in any way. It shows the love that can exist between a white child and a black man. Something we should all be capable of.