Monday, April 30, 2007

Second Second Sight

Do you remember Second Sight, the BBC drama with Clive Owen as a detective going blind? It had one hell of a hook, didn't it? Struck me as a little bit of a missed opportunity at the time. Now the film is set up for a remake at Universal, with Don Murphy and Susan Montford producing - second time's the charm?

Variety's announcement notes that Owen is not attached to the remake 'at this point'. He's soon to be seen in another Murphy/Montford production, however - Shoot 'Em Up - and it's tempting to speculate the genesis of this project lies in that previous collaboration somehow.

Claire Skinner played Owen's sidekick in the original; seems hugely unlikely she'll get within sniffing distance of the do-over. Same goes for the original director, Charles Beeson. But I wouldn't be surprised to see original scriptwriter Paula Milne, now the executive producer of the new film, at least muck-in on the script without credit.

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