Friday, April 13, 2007

Shia LaBeouf Cofirmed For Indiana Jones Part Four

USA Today have spoken to Shia LaBeouf, out doing the press rounds for Disturbia, and he has finally admitted that he's signed the deal to star in the next Indiana Jones film. I told you he was onboard even when he said he wasn't - I'm glad this has now been all wrapped up.

It isn't confirmed which role he will be playing. But I think we all know, don't we?


Anonymous said...

At least Indy will have progeny...

It would be depressing if he was the END OF THE LINE. No more Jones genes in future generations.

Though, no Son of Jones films, please.... That would be silly.

droidguy1119 said...

Spell it right! LaBeouf! :P

Brendon said...

I know... such a bad habit.

I apologise to Shia and, well, everyone else, really.