Sunday, April 01, 2007

Single Bill

Here are some alarming English-language posters for Planet Terror and Death Proof as single, stand-alone films.

That's right, English-speaking non-Americans. Time to be be afraid. Time to be very afraid.


Ian said...

Fuck. Please let that not mean what I think it means.

I'm going to boycott if they split it up.

Jesus said...

In my country (Spain) we are going to "see to great movies for the price of two". We can't do anything, Aurum Spain said that The Weinstein Company take this decision. They (Aurum) said too that the film is not going to be split up in USA, England and Australia (you have the information in this post in Spanish)

I'm going to boycott it, The Weinstein Company think that we are stupid and only americans can understand a doble feature Grind House. It's a big sh**

Congratulations for this marvellous blog

Anonymous said...

April Fools?

Brendon said...

Sadly not in this case.

Which English language audience should be the most scared?

Anonymous said...

I won't pay to see these movies! Gonna download them and see them as they are SUPPOSED to be seen. Take that you dollarwhores!