Friday, April 20, 2007


Of course Sony want more Spider-Man. 4, 5 and 6, apparently. But it goes without saying that 6 depends on the success of 5, 5 on the success of 4... and I think we can rest assured that 3 will deliver more than enough the get gears moving on 4.

But not with Sam Raimi. He's not going to sign, I'm sure.


Andrew said...

Why don't you just look at Superherohype's recent interview where Sam Raimi specifically states he will "absolutely" make Spider-Man 4. Jesus you guys need to actually read the news to report it.

Brendon said...

That's not a direct quote from Raimi at all.

In fact, in the newest SuperHeroHype piece, he's attributed as saying he hasn't had time to think of any involvement, and that he said there HAS to be a good story to tell.

I'm quite convinced this is the last Spider-film with the current line-up.

And, Andrew, find me a direct quote in which Raimi says he'll actually be directing the film and I'll buy you a pint.

Of course, see, had he said that it would be EVERYWHERE.

Anonymous said...

I honestly want to see this entire franchise rebooted. After hearing how lame the "bad to the bone" Peter Parker is in part 3 (dancing!!! wow!), it would make things a bit cooler to go in a different direction with a whole new lineup. This franchise has always felt a bit plastic to me.

Brendon said...

The idea of the dancing Peter is very much in keeping with the style and tone of the piece, I think. Can't wai to see for myself but... there's nothing intrinsically wrong with the idea.

Raimi really has done an excellent job - particularly with 2, I believe.

But I agree - let's leave it alone for ten or twent years, then start all over.