Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Here's a round up of some Spider-Man 3 stuff, just to get it all covered and out of the way.

Firstly - the film has been passed uncut with a 12A certificate in the UK. Spider-Man 2 had a headbutt removed before it was submitted to the BBFC, essentially meaning it was cut for a PG certificate.

Lots and lots of new Spider-Man 3 video snippets have gone online: there are two (one, two - count 'em) Taiwanese TV spots and Slashfilm have a German TV spot. IGN do best of all, unsurprisingly: they have a whole range of clips. The clips in particular are very compelling.

[EDIT: IESB have done a better job with the clips]

I've been sent a new poster that shows, in a series of seperate images, Peter's red and blue suit getting covered by the symbiote - you can see it at the bottom of this post. Click upon it to make it much, much bigger.

Spider-Man 3 - the best film of 2007? - is just over two weeks away. Two weeks!

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