Monday, April 09, 2007

Super Max

David Goyer and Justin Marx' Super Max has an amusing premise, though one seemingly born of fanboy rapture. Notice how Superhero films are now always stuffed with cameos from other characters from the associated mythos - and this can be anything like Hank McCoy on TV in X2 to Curt Connors' lizard lab in the Spider-Man series? One of the most popular of thse is the Arkham Asylum cameo set hinted at in Batman Begins and now much rumoured for The Dark Knight - the idea that, in the hospital we see lots and lots and lots of Batvillains, all incarcerated and only referred to by their 'real names'. This idea really seems to appeal to fanboys.

Super Max is based entirely on this premise. The film will revolved around the arrest and incarceration of The Green Arrow. Stripped of his Lincoln Green, goatee and daft alias, he's locked up in a high security prison for those with extrahuman powers. In there he comes face to face with, and has to deal with, any number of his foes - all stripped down to stripes and birthnames also.

Goyer promises B and C villains, powers and an escape plan. This should almost be a TV show.

With a strong director and a good catch to the escape caper Super Max could be a fair bit of fun. I'm on the record for not really being much of a fan of Goyer's scripts, so I hope Mr. Marx keeps him on the straight and narrow a little.

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