Friday, April 13, 2007

Taking Sides: I'm Backing Singer Over Van Sant

Variety (yep, them again) are reporting that Gus van Sant is now gearing up for a biopic of Harvey Milk. As well you know, Brian Singer has been planning his own, The Mayor of Castro Street, for some time.

While we're taking sides, I'm going to back Singer all of the way. The Usual Suspects, X2, Public Access, Apt Pupil... and so on. Up against what? Gerry, Elephant, Finding Forrester, Last Days...

Cut. And dried.

Apparently, the producers of the Singer film are pushing to get it into production after Valkyrie wraps, and before the next Superman episode. That sounds perfect to me.

The final draft of The Mayor of Castro Street is being written by Christopher McQuarrie; the van Sant version by Dustin Lance Black and has yet to find a home.

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