Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tokyo Suckerpunch

Tobey Maguire is continuing the Spider-Man 3 world premiere tour at the moment, and answering questions at every turn.

Now he's confirmed some details about the upcoming Tokyo Suckerpunch, which he is producing and will star in.

The project is adapted from Isaac Adamson's novel; Ed Solomon is rewriting his 2005 screenplay right now; no director has yet been attached; the line-up of producers has shifted over the project's development.

Maguire's character would apparently be Billy Chaka, a reporter with a nice line in wisecracks. He heads to Japan, from his native Cleveland, to cover a Martial Arts championship for disabled teenagers but instead is caught up in Yakuza misdeeds, crime and conspiracy.

In the book, I belive, Chaka is an Asian American, so it possible that Maguire has earmarked another role and not yet made that clear in discussing the project. On the other hand... maybe not.

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