Friday, April 20, 2007

Vincenzo Natali's Joined Up Thinking

Here's the best new film announcement in a long time.

Vincenzo Natali has been brewing up Splice for some time, and now, the light is brillaint, blazing green, shooting will take place this summer. Natali co-wrote the script with Doug Taylor and Antoninette Terry-Bryant.

Natalia has described the film as being about "the Bonnie and Clyde of genetics", a young pair of scientests who become superstars after cooking up all manner of new animal oddities by gene splicing existing species. Ignoring one particularly dodgy question of ethics, human DNA ends up in the fold - I'm betting that the consequences are hugely dramatic.

And interesting. And entertaining. And very possibly rather provocative.

Natali has one of the best resumes of any director his age - if not any director any age, including those now under the ground. Cube. Cypher. Nothing. Getting Gilliam. A wee bit of Paris Je T'aime. Splice will no doubt raise his profile, boost the cult credentials of his back catalogue even further.

Amongst the executive producers you'll find Guillermo del Toro - alongside his Angry Film compadres, Don Murphy and Susan Montford.


Anonymous said...

NY-based artist Dan Ouellette did some creature designs for this project several years ago. His website is, but I don't think any of his arwork from the SPLICE project is posted...

Brendon said...

There is some... thanks for leading me to it...

I'm going to link to his site and post some samples in a new story now.