Friday, April 13, 2007

What Will A Tickle Look Like Now?

Chorion, owners of the Mr. Men brand, are to relaunch 25 of the the characters in a new show. Cartoon Network, in a rare actually-screening-a-new-cartoon-for-kids move are to run the series in the US.

Two key points of note in Chorion's press release: firstly, that a number of the characters will be 'reworked' while others will be 'redesigned completely'. I presume this is to make them work in CG, though contemporising them might be a goal too; secondly, that the show is to pioneer, or so they say, the sketch comedy format for kids.

I thought Do Not Adjust Your Set did that four decades ago?

As with all new animated shows, there's a temptation to run a book on They Might Be Giants' likelihood of recording the theme tune. Surely they're going to be approached at least.

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