Friday, April 20, 2007

You Really Must Read This Post If You Love Films For Film Lovers

Let me remind you all that, yes, the majority of cinema audiences are still made up of people who talk through the film, answer calls in the film, don't go to see a film in particular but duck into whatever is showing at the time they arrive, really aren't interested in the film at all...

...but if you're here, you're not that kind of person.

So, today, please, American readers consider this: Hot Fuzz is released. It isn't perfect. But it is very good. And I really think it needs your support. This isn't a huge release in the American marketplace - Vacancy and Fracture are out in the US today also, and they're much higher profile (though neither of them have anything like the buzz Hot Fuzz had over here).

Help Hot Fuzz - which will in turn help Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg which will, ultimately, help us. This film was made for film lovers, really, first and foremost. Not that it alienates 'the casuals', mind... just that it does mean something special to a real film lover.

Take your friends to see Hot Fuzz tonight. Failing that, take them tomorrow. You will all enjoy it, possibly love it, and there's every chance you'll disagree with my (minor) criticisms of it - lord knows just about everybody else has.


Reel Fanatic said...

I indeed want desperately to help Hot Fuzz, but after promising in the commercials that played incessantly all week that it was opening EVERYWHERE, it indeed is not coming to my little corner of the world .. I may drive a ways to see it anyway, but it just pisses me off that a movie this funny gets only an artsy-fartsy house release

Rich D said...

Reel Fanatic- I wouldn't normally categorize a nearly 900 screen release as "an artsy-fartsy house release." Of course it does pale in comparison to the 2000+ screens Vacancy and Fracture have gotten.

For myself, having already seen Fracture and Hot Fuzz for free, I know which one I'm going to plonk down cash to see again this weekend. And it aint Fracture.