Monday, April 23, 2007

Yvette Fielding To Succeed Where Justin Lee Collins Failed?

Perhaps the worst TV show on any British channel at all is Most Haunted. It's purportedly a 'documentary entertainment' show, but I'm not sure about either of those descriptors at all. Most Haunted peddles the same, tired old quasi-spiritual and pseudo-scientific guff about the afterlife and dresses it up in cheap, cheerful, blisteringly daft and rather exploitative clothes.

I read today - if only in the tabloids, but I'm sure it began as a press release from the Most Haunted lot - that the show is to feature an A-Team reunion later in the year. Apparently, Mr. T, Dirk Benedict and Dwight Schulz are to take part in a seance, to attempt to contact George Peppard. Tacky. Stupid. Possibly rather insulting to the family and friends of Peppard.

As for Justin Lee Collins, who earlier tried, and failed, to reunite the surviving members of The A-Team, his current mission is to get the key Star Wars cast back together. By which I mean just the one film Star Wars, not the whole series. And that film is called Star Wars, at least in the original edit, so you can stop all of this 'New Hope' nonsense right now.

And I don't care if you co-wrote the best British comedy film in at least ten years - it's still Star Wars to you too..

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