Tuesday, May 22, 2007

An Alternative To You Tube Sketchies?

YouTube, Pepsi, The Lonley Island and Paramount are all involved, in some way or another, with the new You Tube Sketchies competition. Simply put, a nine-week contest will pit uploaded comedy sketches against one another in a battle of wits. Obviously, only US residents can enter because, as we all know, they're who the internet is really for after all. It was invented to go in their trophy cabinet next to all of the oil.

If you don't live in the US, what alternative is there? Well, I can humbly offer one little glimmer of hope. Make your sketch anyway, and upload it to YouTube or any other video sharing site you care to use. Then send the link to me, and I'll include all of the links in little showcase stories here. If I get a decent enough number (the more the merrier; a handful won't really be enough to hook anybody) then, well, I'll try to hype it. Get some press for you all as 'the outcasts' from the real Sketchies contest.

It... might... just... work... similar things have worked before.


Anonymous said...

The reason only yanks can enter is that everyone else in the world can easily outclass them in the humour stakes. Even the Germans. They're obviously trying to ensure a US based winner.

anton said...

Hi, glad to see you helping out us Brits, read your blog or a while, bit of a lurker....I've put this short up, which from what you write, might interest you, it's called Motivation, maybe you could mention on your blog... keep up the good work, perfer your coverage to aintitcool....http://youtube.com/watch?v=SFQu6_1U2Os