Thursday, May 24, 2007

Black Sedans In Indy's New Haven

The New Haven Independent have scored a breakdown of the Indiana Jones 4 scenes that will be filmed in their neighbourhood. Here's a mildly spoilery excerpt:

In the New Haven-shot scenes, professor Ford gets pursued by bad guys in black sedans through the Yale campus, up to athletic fields, where he may just catch a football for a moment of lighthearted shtick.

That's one gag revealed, then. Two more to go.

Does all of this Black Sedan talk compound the Area 51/Chariots of the Gods stories? Are these the Indiana Jones equivalent of Men in Black?

Around 500 extras will be needed, apparently, so expect some spy camera action and set reports once filming is underway.

[EDIT: And IESB have waht appear to be even more spoilers, though most of them were common knowledge]

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