Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Continuing Adventures Of John McClane

The BBFC have certificated a 14 minute featurette called The Continuing Adventures of John McClane. Either they're getting ahead on the Die Hard 4.0 supplementary material, and this is a first glimpse of what the DVD will contain, or this is a promo piece, very possibly to be given away with a newspaper.

There's been countless publicty DVDs attached to the rags over the years, but some were truly worthwhile. The Kill Bill disc that came with The Times being a particularly good example.

More Die Hard 4.0 hype is going on with chocolate bar promotions - I saw some kind of logo on a rack of Kit Kats earlier. Are people really going to care that much about this film? In the UK? I thought we just sort of shrugged the Die Hards off over here.


droidguy1119 said...

In America Fox are double-dipping with a new trilogy box set. It actually features less than the original set (all are single-discs, with whatever features were on disc 1 of the American 2-discers), and a bonus disc. I think this is probably one of the featurettes on said DVD and the set will pop up in the UK too. Just speculation, though.

Brendon said...

Reasonable speculation, but the BBFC page specifically mentions Die Hard 4.0... so, I'm not so sure.