Sunday, May 06, 2007

Direct Download Links For Duck Trailer

Duck is, strictly speaking, a sci-fi film, I believe. Don't expect flying cars, time travel or clones, however. Just a disposessed wanderer in an LA rapidly approaching dereliction... and his duck. Will this be the A Boy and His Dog of the 2000s?

Download the trailer in High-res, and 1080p, 720p and 480p HD Quicktime.

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Independent Feature DUCK starring the inimitable Philip Baker Hall (opposite the Aflac actor making his indie film debut) opens Friday August 24th for an exclusive one-week engagement in Washington D.C., Chicago, Boston and Philadelphia via Landmark and AMC Theaters

Landmark E Street Cinema 8 - Washington, DC.

AMC Pipers Alley - Chicago, IL.

Landmark Embassy Cinema - Waltham, MA.

Ritz 5 Movies - Philadelphia, PA.

Watch the trailer. 

Think Outside The Flock.

About the movie:

DUCK stars Philip Baker Hall as a retired widower in a dystopian America where social services have gone the way of social graces, and another Bush occupies the White House. Forced from his home with only a duck to accompany him, Hall’s character searches for the means to live, and some meaning in life, in Los Angeles 2009. In a duck who believes him to be its mother, an old man discovers the will to live on...

Provocative, insightful, subversive, sublime, here is a character piece about two unlikely heroes who find purpose, redemption, and grace – proving, in rather surreal and ingenious fashion, that there’s nothing common about decency, nor the survival of the humane.

Join us on our opening weekend (tis key, like minds...)

Appreciated you are, for your thoughts, actions, and the art/work you do --

(Thanks, Brendon)

Nic Bettauer, writer-director-producer DUCK