Saturday, May 19, 2007

Disney Weave A Wicked Web

Michael Patalano has been rooting through the black bags out back of Disney Central again, and a few rolls of sellotape later he's compiled another winning list of domain names recently registered by the Mousemeisters. Let's have a look at the relevant ones...

Seems like the lacklustre performance of Goal 2 hasn't slowed down the third installment at all - and are already set.

More Blu-Ray with the general purpose (and blue-ray and blueray variants for the as yet unfamiliar) - these are now live, and showcase the officially announced slate of Disney Blu-Ray titles.

Also looking to the future, is ready for the Platinum DVD release of Sleeping Beauty in October 2008.

Slightly more mysterious are the following:

Budding imagineers can swot up at - once this goes up, I dare say it will prove quite popular. There's a lot of closet Doombuggy buffs out there just needing a little encouragement to come out.

Trying to create a sneaky ad campaign for Billy Ell... Jamie Bell's upcoming Hallam Foe, they've registered - expect situationist stunts with pretend peeping toms on the rooftops of London too. Or maybe not.

The last URL to snag my attention was through which we'll probably be able to role play as an animated Amy Adams up against level after level of flash-coded tedium. Yawn. Are there any good online film tie-in games?

If you have any insight into any of these domains, please leave a note in the comments below. I love a good mystery, but love a good solution more.

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