Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fake Documentaries For The Knocked Up DVD

The MTV Movies Blog have spoken to Judd Apatow about a pair of fake documentaries that will be appearing on the eventual Knocked Up DVD. One of them is the origin of that Michael Cera clip posted on Funny or Die - in the full film, several actors are seen auditioning for Seth Rogen's role. The other doc is about Bennet Miller being sent in by the studio to take over the reigns from Apatow. That's almost my worst nightmare - chalk that up as fake documentary, real horror film.

Hopefully there'll be some genuine documentary material on there too. Some of us, Mr. Apatow, are actually interested in what you'd really have to say about your film, and filmmaking.

The lack of 'real' bonus material has always been my issue with the Spinal Tap DVD, I'm afraid. I'd trade in the character commentary for one from Rob Reiner - not Marty DiBergi - any day of the week.

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droidguy1119 said...

Well, I'm sure you know but there was a Reiner commentary on the Criterion DVD of Spinal Tap which is long out of print.