Monday, May 07, 2007

Gemini Man

I really rather hated the Wolverine script by David Benioff, possibly rewritten by David Ayer. If I was sure, absolutely, that the blame was all Benioff's, that Ayer wasn't accountable, even the cautious interest I had in Gemini Man would evaporate. All the same, Benioff was at least partly responsible and his other scripts - particularly for Troy - have left me shaking my head...

As announced today, Benioff is doing a page-one write-over on Gemini Man for Walt Disney. Don Murphy, Chad Oman and Mike Stenson will executive produce, Jerry Bruckheimer will produce. Obvious choice Michael Bay is probably going to be busy with Prince of Persia and a second Transformers, so I've no idea who they'll rope in to direct this one.

The film's premise isn't a bad one at all: a once-great hitman comes face to face with his younger, fitter clone. Sage wisdom and 20/20 hindsight are bound to afford him the winning edge, wouldn't you expect? I see a better resolution - one as resonant as the basic premise, I think - but I'll be dashed on the rocks before I post it here.

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we probably tried it already