Friday, May 11, 2007

Hamas Do It Disney Style

Until recently, a deeply creepy Mickey Mouse clone called Farfur was hosting Tomorrow's Pioneers, a heavy dose of children's propaganda from Hamas mouthpiece, Al Aqsa TV. The LA Times have a piece on the hatemongering, which also offers an explanation of why the show was pulled:

Sadly, the resolution of Farfurgate teaches precisely the opposite. Faced with a media brouhaha, Palestinian Information Minister Mustafa Barghouti suspended Tomorrow's Pioneers, saying, "Any media outlet that breaks Palestinian broadcasting law will be penalized by the Information Ministry." So the take-away is that culture and ideas depend not on open exchange and legal protection but on the whims of a harried propaganda minister.

See some of the show for yourself on YouTube.

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Anonymous said...

“the Walt Disney Co. was never this explosively political.”

Well, I guess that’s true, as long as we’re ignoring “Our Friend The Atom” (produced by Disney in cooperation with the U.S. Navy and General Dynamics) and the fact that Walt himself spied for the FBI for a quarter of a century, red-baited and wrecked Hollywood careers and lives, teamed up with organised crime to deny his workers a union, attended American Nazi Party rallies and was entertained by Mussolini at his private villa.